Our mission is to work as an instrument of God by empowering our patients through education and encouragement to lead healthy and movement-filled lives; bringing hope and healing to as many families as possible through chiropractic, nutrition, prayer and other natural health methods. We take pride in being "different" and strive to do our part in showing and spreading God's love by treating each and every one of our patients as the specially made creatures of God that they are. We look forward to having you in and as Dr. Clift always says, "Motion is life!"

Romans 6:4

Meet Dr. Clift
"... God created our bodies with everything they need to heal and take care of themselves. My purpose is simply to get you moving the way you were meant to and to help remove the internal road blocks that prevent your divinely created systems from functioning at their full capacity, therefore allowing your body to heal itself the way it was intended.
Motion is Life!"
Chiropractic Specialties
Dr. Clift knows that every patient's situation is as unique as they. To ensure that we are able to give every patient the most efficient, personalized care possible he has focused a good portion of his continued education into specialty care for a variety of different patient types including infants, children, those with special needs, athletes, those who have suffered concussions, pregnant women, and the elderly.
Adjusting Techniques
Over the course of his collegiate career, Dr. Clift was blessed to work under several different chiropractors with specialties ranging from pediatric chiropracty to athletic and geriatric care. Throughout these experiences and continued education, as stated above, Dr. Clift became proficient in a multitude of techniques to better serve these specialty patients and their specific needs.
Serving Our Community
Upon graduating from chiropractic school, God called Dr. Clift and his wife, Diane, to Flint and immediately placed this city and it's people on their hearts. Throughout their time here, God has been consistently expanding the vision that He gave Dr. Clift of a healing complex that helped transform the people of Flint through biblically-based services in all the core areas of acute & wellness healthcare, nutrition, exercise, financial counseling, psychiatric care and inter-relationship counseling, and spiritual mentoring. While this is still being worked towards, Dr. Clift strives to participate in several community outreach events a year at locations such as Dale's Health Foods, the Flint Farmer's Market, and other areas around the city. Dr. Clift also enjoys speaking with local sports teams and even workplaces on how chiropractic care can benefit them and their teams!

The majority of my childhood and teenage years were spent in hospital rooms; my father was injured in a fall as a child and, due to a lack of rehabilitation, was constantly in and out of the hospital for various knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgeries, totaling 17 in all. This, along with the experience of donating bone marrow to save my sister at age 5, convinced me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping people.

I began college with the intention of graduating and going to pharmacy school to become a pharmacist; as in my mind at the time surgery, drugs, and other medical treatments were the only avenues to effectively help those who were in pain and suffering. ​Halfway through that first year, however, the goals and plans I had for myself were turned upside down when I gave my heart to Christ and He called me to chiropractic.

Now, all my experience with helping people up until that point was through medical doctors and medication, so to say that I was a skeptic of chiropractic care is a pretty big understatement. At the time I had been reading the story of the Jews challenging God on their journey to the Promised Land, so I decided to do the same and challenged Him by stating that if He wanted me to become a chiropractor, he could pay for it; and that he did.  I was blessed to work under 12 different chiropractors throughout college who collectively paid over $100,000 for my tuition; exposing me to a plethora of different techniques and specialties that allow me to offer the most tailored and effective care possible for my patients. 

Since graduating in 1999, it has been my mission to help those in pain by following the philosophy that God created our bodies with everything they need to heal and take care of themselves. My purpose is simply to get you moving the way you were meant to and to help remove the internal road blocks that prevent your divinely created systems from functioning at their full capacity, therefore allowing your body to heal itself the way it was intended! 

I have been very blessed to see some miraculous things happen through the power of Christ and chiropractic; my prayer is that I will be able to share these experiences with you and work together to create your own success story of a new life free of the bondage that your pain has bound you in. I hope to see you in soon, and remember, Motion is life!

- Life University, Marietta, GA
Doctorate of Chiropractic
Sinclair College, Dayton, OH
Bachelors of Science, Pre-Medicine
- Certified Standard Process Nutritional Counselor (2014)
- Internship with Atlanta Ballet Team Chiropractors
- Internship with Team Chiropractor of Evander Holyfield
- Chiropractic Biophysics Continued Education

- Michigan Association of Chiropractors (1999)
- International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (2000)
- LIFE University Alumni Association (1999)
- Toastmasters International (2016)
Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Brittany Indish
    Chiropractic Assistant
    Aches? Pains? A fall? Brittany is Dr. Clift's right hand gal in the adjusting area and is always ready to lend a listening ear to help Dr. Clift find the exact root of your pain every time!
  2. Executive Director
    Shelby Miller
    Chiropractic Assistant
    Our ray of southern sunshine, Shelby is the friendly voice that you'll hear over the phone and the one you can count on to answer your questions & greet you with a smile upon every appointment!
  3. Executive Director
    Brianna Winson
    Chiropractic Assistant
    Brianna is our go-to exam connoisseur and will be the one taking care of you upon your first appointment, as well as future re-exams! Small yet mighty, she is a bright light of joy to all of our patients!
  4. Executive Director
  5. Executive Director
    Kay Rogers
    Prayer Warrior
    At A New Life we believe and have seen the power of prayer, which is why you can find Kay in our waiting room constantly talking and praying with patients to support you in every aspect of life.
  6. Executive Director
    Abigail Clift
    Chiropractic Assistant
    Currently in school to become a pediatric chiropractor, you can spot Abigail filling in the adjusting area, behind the desk, or bouncing around the office with the same infectious energy as Dr. Clift!