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Meet the Doctor


Dr Jason Clift




Life University, Marietta, GA 

Graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic Degree 

Graduated with Honors


Sinclair College, Dayton, OH

Pre Med/Chiro Program

Where God Leads Me

God has been an integral part of my decision making process since giving control of my life to Jesus in 1990. Since then God has blessed me with the wife of my dreams, paid for my Chiropractic education, and in 1999 led me to Flint, MI to practice Chiropractic. For the first 2 years of living in Flint, we constantly questioned God about sending us to Flint. We made many plans to leave Flint and God kept drawing us back. Finally, we were given a glimpse of God's plan for Flint.

In 2001 my wife and I were shown a video called, "Transformations" made by the Centennial Group. This video chronicled 4 cities across the world that were transformed from crime and poverty to prosperity and joy. Each of these 4 cities resembled an aspect of Flint. Yet, the transformations did not take place until a man of God was willing to commit to fasting, prayer and obedience. I knew God was calling me to take up the fight to transform Flint. I have met many professionals in Flint that have had similar experiences about being called to Flint. And across the country I have been told of prophesies about Flint, MI being the spark that will set the nation into a revival for Jesus Christ.

In 2003 I saw a vision of a Healing Complex that transformed the people of Flint in all the core areas of their lives. The complex offered biblically based services in all the core areas of acute healthcare, wellness healthcare, nutrition, exercise, financial counseling, relationships restoration, spiritual mentoring. The Complex would include a hotel and conference center. I pictured this in downtown Flint.

Yet, in Oct. of 2003 I saw another vision of a piece of land in Flint Township. I saw that the city of Flint was surrounded by thick oppressive walls and God wanted to set up a training center to draw the people out of the oppression to get trained and healed then sent back in to fight for their families, neighborhoods, and the city. God was going to blow down the walls like the city of Jericho.

Technique and Analysis

5/2007 Christian Chiropractic Symposium
7/2006 Christian Chiropractic Symposium
4/2006 Holder Research Institute Training
3/2006 Michigan Chiropractor Association Symposium
11/2005 Chiropractic Leadership Alliance Technology and Research Symposium
9/2004 Body by God Symposium
8/2003 CBP Seminar: X-ray, Spinal Traction, Spinal Adjusting
8/2002 HIPPA Compliance Seminar
9/2002 Michigan Chiropractic Society Symposium
4/2002 Michigan Chiropractic Association Symposium
4/2001 Michigan Chiropractic Council Symposium
4/2000 Michigan Chiropractic Council Symposium
9/2000 Michigan Chiropractic Council Symposium
1993-1999 Life University Technique Seminars:
Thompson Technique 
Full Spine / Diversified 
Activator Methods 
Sacral Occipital Technique 
CBP: X-ray, Spinal Traction, Spinal Adjusting



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